Ocean Awareness and Literacy Action Coordination Team


Christiane Parry, California Coastal Commission
Nancy Reichley, Washington Sea Grant

WCGA Action Plan 
Priority 5: 
Washington, Oregon, and California will increase citizens' ocean literacy through the following actions:
  • Augment environmental education curricula with ocean science and conservation content and hands-on experiences.
  • Support public ocean awareness efforts and outreach to decision-makers at all levels.


 Ocean Awareness and Literacy Action Coordination Team Final Work Plan (Updated August 2012)

Recent Accomplishments
  • Conducted a survey of K-12 educators in California, Oregon and Washington to determine the challenges in incorporating ocean education into their curriculum and what resources they need to effectively teach ocean literacy concepts to their students.  Presented a poster at the 2012 National Marine Educators Association  NMEA) conference on preliminary research results and proposed follow-up investigation.
  • Conducted a presentation on our ACT at the 2010 California and the World Ocean Conference.
  • Promoted the integration of ocean literacy principles into K-12 science standards revisions in Oregon and Washington, and worked with the Education and Environment Initiative in California to address ocean literacy. 
  • Submitted comments on the draft framework and standards for the nation-wide Next Generation Science Standards, in support of the Centers for Ocean Sciences Excellence (COSEE)/NMEA Critical Stakeholder Group.  These comments were aimed at achieving the critical goal of advancing ocean literacy specifically and promoting accurate and relevant science education in general.