Ocean Awareness


Action 5.2
  • Support ocean awareness efforts for the public and for decision-makers at all levels and encourage improvement and expansion of self-directed learning institutions and volunteer programs.Preschooler on beach

Action 5.2 of our work plan aims to help increase public knowledge and understanding of marine science and the issues facing the ocean; a critical firststep toward engaging individuals to become better stewards of the environment. This Action is far ranging and there are numerous entities in each state working on various aspects of ocean awareness.  Ultimately, the ACT plans to work with partners to provide diverse audiences, from the public to decision-makers in government and non-profit organizations, with improved access to tools and information that will help them make informed decisions about the ocean and stimulate participation around important ocean issues.  Collectively, individual actions on preventing problems such as marine debris, climate change, and nonpoint source pollution can have important positive effects.  Our ultimate goal will be to move people toward behavior change while educating them about how our region is connected, using the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem (California Current) as a unifying theme.


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