Ocean Literacy Websites

What is ocean literacy?


Ocean literacy means understanding the ocean’s influence on you and your influence on the ocean.  An ocean literate person understands the Essential Principles and Fundamental concepts about the functioning of the ocean, can communicate about the ocean in a meaningful way, and is able to make informed and responsible decisions regarding the ocean and its resources.


 On our blue planet, the dominant feature is the ocean.  It contains 97 percent of the Earth’s water and releases vapor into the atmosphere that returns as rain, sleet, and snow, ever replenishing the planet with freshwater.  All life, including our own, is dependent on the ocean.  Understanding the ocean is integral to comprehending this planet on which we live.


An increase in knowledge and understanding of the issues facing the ocean is critical to its current and future health. 

The following links provide information on ocean literacy topics.  Please check back regularly for updated information.


Ocean Literacy Network: http://oceanliteracy.wp2.coexploration.org/

Orca bowl

Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE): http://www.cosee.net/


Lawrence Hall of Science MARE: http://mare.lawrencehallofscience.org/ocean

National Marine Educators Association (NMEA): http://www.marine-ed.org/

NOAA National Ocean Service: http://oceanservice.noaa.gov/education/literacy.html

The Bridge: http://www.marine-ed.org/bridge/

Washington on Water (WOW): http://wsg.washington.edu/wow