West Coast Partners


The WCGA works with a variety of private, governmental, and tribal entities in the region. We listed a few of our partners in the region that are helping to advance ocean health on the West Coast.

Tribal Coastal Marine Spatial Planning: Regional Ocean Governance for West Coast Tribes- The purpose of this is to provide a tribally-driven opportunity for solution-orientated engagement of sovereign coastal Tribal nations from Washington, Oregon, and California on issues of regional ocean governance, indigenous ecological knowledge, and Coastal Marine Spatial Planning for the West Coast region.

PCC Logo

Pacific Coast CollaborativeSustainable resource management is one of the key tenets of the PCC, an agreement signed by  the governors of the three West Coast states and Alaska as well as the premier of British Columbia in 2008. The PCC advances regional concerns on issues such as ocean health. In February 2010, the three West Coast governors and the Premier of British Columbia signed a PCC Action Plan on Ocean Conservation and Coastal Climate Adaptation. In 2010, the Governors of Oregon, Washington and California and the Premier of British Columbia announced that the four jurisdictions would be joining together to create a coast-wide marine debris alliance and to develop a detailed marine debris strategic plan for the West Coast. The WCGA can continue to play a leadership role defining critically important ocean and coastal health issues for the PCC to highlight and support.


Pac States-BC Oil Spill Task Force

Pacific States-British Columbia Oil Spill Task ForceThe Pacific States-British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force was authorized by a Memorandum of Cooperation signed in 1989 by the Governors of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California and the Premier of British Columbia following the Nestucca and Exxon Valdez oil spills. The task force focuses on future spill preparedness and prevention needs, and provides a forum for West Coast and Canada representatives to implement regional initiatives that protect 56,660 miles of coastline from Alaska to California. The WCGA works with the task force to advance 2008 WCGA initiatives relative to ocean and coastal health.


Pacific Fishery Management Council logoPacific Fishery Management CouncilPursuant to Section 302(f)(6)of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA), PFMC prepares a fishery management plan (FMP) for each fishery under its authority that requires conservation and management, prepares comments on applications for foreign fishing, and reviews and revises assessments and specifications with respect to the optimum yield from, the capacity and extent to which the United States harvests fish from, and the total allowable level of foreign fishing in, each fishery within its geographical area of authority.
West Coast EBM Network logoWest Coast EBM Network A partnership of six community-based initiatives focused on the successful implementation of ecosystem-based management along the coasts of Washington, Oregon and California.
IOOS LogoIntegrated Ocean Observing SystemsA federal, regional, and private-sector partnership working to enhance the ability to collect, deliver, and use ocean information.
Pacific Ballast Water GroupPacific States Ballast Water Work GroupAn entity that shares information and formulates consensus solutions on ballast water management and research issues of common concern to regulators, managers, scientists and the shipping industry on the West Coast. The Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission provides staff support to the PBWG.