Seafloor Mapping Action Coordination Team


Sam Johnson, US Geological Survey
Chris Goldfinger, Oregon State University


WCGA Action Plan Seafloor mapping
Priority Area 6: 
Expand ocean and coastal scientific information, research and monitoring. 

Action 6.3: Complete a seafloor map of the bathymetry, benthic substrate, relief, geology, and habitat of all state tidelands and submerged lands out to three miles.



Seafloor Mapping Action Coordination Team Final Work Plan

Recent Accomplishments

  • Data collection and processing—California completed a formal gap analysis and will complete offshore bathymetry and backscatter mapping instate waters by mid-2011. Oregon completed a formal gap analysis and has mapped 48% of its seafloor; Washington completed an informal gap analysis and has completed mapping 20% of its seafloor.
  • Data management—Comprehensive GIS-ready map products are currently being developed for California and Oregon for their respective state waters.
  • Developed a fact sheet on seafloor mapping, and California and Washington have websites with seafloor mapping information (;;