Sustainable Coastal Communities Action Coordination Team




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WCGA Action Plan

Action 7.1: Support local planning efforts for working waterfronts to promote sustainable fisheries and prioritize coastal-dependent businesses and infrastructure through grant processes and federal assistance programs.

Action 7.2: Promote and expand environmentally responsible operations and infrastructure at ports and harbors, such as through Green Ports and Clean Marinas programs. Support revitalization efforts for struggling ports.


Sustainable Coastal Communities Action Coordination Team Work Plan

Clean marina programs along the West Coast

Each West Coast state has a voluntary Clean Marina Program that works to protect and improve local water quality by promoting the use of environmentally sensitive practices at marinas, providing clean facilities to protect waters from pollution, and reducing and managing hazardous waste. These programs help keep the West Coast a safe a clean place to live, work, and recreate.



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The WCGA Sustainable Communities ACT supports Clean Marina best management practices. To learn more about the Clean Marina programs in your state, click the links below.






NOAA clean marina program: